What Services Do We Offer?

We offer private transfers, day trip and tours all over Morocco.

How Can I Book My Tour with You?

You can book a trip using our website, by writing us an email or calling us:

    Email: agharasstours@gmail.com    

    Phone: +212 668 136 306 / +212 600 589 547

What Is Included in Your Tour Cost?

Normally the price of the vehicles and its fuel, the driver and local taxes.

Do You Have Experienced Guides in Different Cities of Morocco?

We provide you with well-experienced guides for your tours.

How many stars the Hotels you book has?

For our private tours, we ask our customers' opinion about Hotel stars before booking. 

Do I need an international certificate of vaccination?

It is up to you to have one but we do not require one yet if you have any health problem please inform us immediately after booking to be taken into consideration, 

Who Will I Meet on My Arrival in Morocco?

You will meet one of our experienced drivers 

What vehicles do you use for private tours?

We use air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles to ensure your privacy and rest.

Example of cars used: Mercedes Vito and Skoda Superb.

How many pieces of luggage I'm permitted?

You have the right to bring one luggage and one hand luggage but if you have more kindly inform us to make sure we have the right car for that.

Can I stay in the vehicle if I cannot walk long distances?

Yes you definitely can stay in the car 

Do I have to pay for drivers meals?

No, we cover our driver's meal and his stay 

If I Come Across Any Problem During My Trip, How Would You Help Me?

We kindly ask you call us or tell our driver immediately. We will make sure everything is fixed. 

Do you accept foreign currency?

Yes we do accept Euros and dollars

Are taxes included in your prices?

Yes, all taxes are included in the prices yet in some trips to visit some optional places you will need to pay the entrance fee.

What will happen when I need to cancel my Tour?

Please call us t least 24 Hours befr\ore your trip so we can accept your cancelation.

When can I cancel my reservation if I'm not traveling?

24 Hours before the trip

I am ready to book - what do I do?

Check our trips, Transfers and day trips. Leave an email and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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Contact Information

Agharass Tours

Mobile : +212 600 589 547

Tel fix: +212 528 844 935

Email   :   info@agharasstours.com