Jet Ski

From 40 € / Pax


Jet Ski. ( 40 euros for 30 minutes)

Details of the adventure: 

Jet ski rental in Agadir: A great option for having fun on the water!  Do you like strong sensations? Speed on a body of water? Jet skiing is the ideal sport, to explore the sea and experience a unique moment by discovering the most beautiful beaches of Agadir.

Enjoy the intense pleasures of jet skiing in Agadir!

Jet skiing has other names such as water scooter or water bike.

It is a small nautical recreational vehicle with a hull, which is manoeuvred by a handlebar and is combined with the motorcycle. Powered by a water jet, which in turn is set in motion by a combustion engine, the jetski, an activity accessible to everyone without prior training.

Enjoy a moment of strong sensations. For beginners, the first experience will be full of apprehension but after that it will only be pleasure in communion with nature and the waves.

There are two types of jet skis, either the hand jet ski where the navigator stands or the saddle jet ski which is a version where the pilot sits on a seat, the handlebar is then identical to that of a motorcycle.

If you want to nourish your stay with strong sensations, you can opt for the rental of a jet ski in Agadir.


Activity available every day of the week from 09:00 to 18:00.

The driver waits for you and accompanies you from your hotel.

Arrival at the preparation site to equip yourself with your safety equipment.

Recovery of your Jet Ski.

30 minutes to an hour or more to enjoy your Jet Ski experience.

Departure and return to your hotel.